Beagio's History

Before the 1940’s the west part of today’s Beagio’s housed a cream station. The creamery, where butter and cheese were made, was located by the railroad tracks.

In the 1940’s Orrie and Dorothy Reimann bought the business. They tore down the cream station, built this building with living quarters overhead, and moved the creamery here. There Mr. Reimann and Carl Hunt and later Fred Neal bottled milk, made cottage cheese and hundreds of pounds of butter.
In 1943 a building to the east was added. The addition made room for a dining area where people could enjoy Dorothy’s good cookin’. They called it The Dairy Bar and it was a popular gathering and eating place.

In 1978 Ed and Janice Herron became the owners. The Herron’s named their business Beagio’s. They liked the name because it was Italian for Bill, the name of their oldest son. As their business grew they also added a building to the east.

Today Beagio’s is run by the Bill Herron family. Recently the interior was redecorated and a social bar added. Beagio’s also provides a full menu of great home cookin’ plus their popular pizza.